We invite organisations providing financial advice, money advice, financial guidance, or financial products and services to join the campaign by signing up to the Dignity First Commitment and supporting our mission to silence stigma surrounding money and debt. 

This campaign is a collective effort; your involvement and commitment will go a long way in reshaping the narratives of conversations society has about money and debt. 

Here is a five-part checklist to follow which will help you get underway in becoming an active part of the Dignity First campaign. 


Make a commitment to putting individuals' dignity first 

Take the first step - sign up to the Dignity First Commitment and pledge your organisation to transforming language norms and promoting dignity and respect in all financial communications. 


Learn how adopting person-first language can contribute to a compassionate and supportive culture 

Explore our guidelines on implementing person-first language within your organisation by reviewing our  Dignity First Language Guide. If you are a media outlet, see our Media Guide here



Ensure that your team understands the principles and practices to create a stigma-free environment 

Familiarise with person-first language and a rights-based approach. Consider creating and/or refreshing soft-skills training that may be needed to help colleagues understand and adopt these principles.


Review communication content and strategies to silence stigmatising language 

Empower your team to use language that prioritises individuals over their financial circumstances. This is an opportunity to enhance engagement with consumers in a meaningful way whilst supporting them towards better outcomes. 



Publicly showcase your support and encourage others to join. 

Demonstrate to your stakeholders, customers, and the wider community that your organisation is dedicated to fostering inclusivity. When you make the Dignity First Commitment, you will receive supplementary assets to help you do this.



Join us in reshaping the narrative around money and debt. Make a meaningful commitment to building a more compassionate and understanding business environment. 

Together, let's silence stigmatising language and give those experiencing financial challenges the dignity and support they deserve.