Welcome to our Dignity First Report, a comprehensive overview of our mission to transform language and silence stigma in money and debt. 

This report informed our approach to the Dignity First campaign. At it's heart is the recognition and unwavering commitment to upholding the fundamental rights of individuals facing financial difficulties. We advocate for advice and support to be provided in a manner that respects these inherent rights, preserving dignity and autonomy. 

Read on to see the full report or click on the report cover to download a copy.


In this report, you will:

    • Learn about the subtle dynamics of stigma and language

We examine the profound influence of language in shaping how individuals with money and debt concerns are both perceived by themselves and by wider society.

    • Learn about the current language landscape in money and debt

The prevalent use of shaming, blaming, labelling and judgemental language creates barriers that hinder access to support where they are often most essential. Language holds the key to unlocking wider access to money and debt help.

    • Discover the steps Money Advice Scotland took to create the Dignity First Language Guide

The Language Guide is a vital resource for media professionals, financial institutions, and individuals seeking to foster understanding and empathy in their communications.


Together, let's create a language landscape that promotes dignity and understanding. Join us in reshaping the conversation around money and debt.