Welcome to our comprehensive language guide on using person-first language in discussions about money and debt. 

The Dignity First Language Guide is a vital resource for media professionals, financial institutions, and individuals seeking to foster understanding and empathy in their communications.

Find the Language Guide below or click on the cover to download a copy.



In this guide, you will:

  • Learn why person-first language matters

Understand the impact of language on shaping perceptions. Learn how person-first language places individuals at the forefront, emphasising dignity and autonomy over financial circumstances.

  • Learn about the key principles of person-first language

Explore the fundamental principles of person-first language. Discover how to reframe common phrases to prioritise the person over their financial situation, promoting respect and inclusivity.

  • Find guidelines for media outlets

Media professionals, learn how to integrate person-first language into your reporting. These guidelines provide practical tips for creating narratives that are informative, compassionate, and free from stigmatisation.

  • Find guidance for financial institutions

Financial institutions, discover how person-first language can be integrated into your communications with clients. This section offers specific guidance on creating a supportive and respectful environment for individuals facing financial challenges.

  • Find tips for how to make every day conversations count towards breaking stigma in money and debt

Individuals, explore how adopting person-first language in your conversations can contribute to breaking down stigma. Gain insights on fostering empathy and understanding in your interactions with friends, family, and the broader community.

Together, let's create a language landscape that promotes dignity and understanding. Adopt our language guidelines and inspire positive change in conversations about money and debt.