Money Advice Scotland is Scotland’s money charity. We exist to help people in debt, support money advisers, and influence policy. Our mission is to be the driving force towards financial wellbeing for the people of Scotland. Our priorities for the next few years are outlined in our strategy

Supporting money advisers 

We’re a membership organisation and provide training, events, and resources to the money advice sector. We aim to ensure that money advisers have a platform to report social policy concerns via our evidence base as well as access to training to ensure they are equipped to carry out their important role. We offer various other types of support for professionals to help advisers thrive at a time when demand for advice is increasing.

Helping people in debt 

We believe everyone in debt deserves to be treated fairly. Debt can happen to anyone and we understand how it can affect someone’s life which is why we are always working towards securing fairer practices for people in debt.

Taking the first step towards getting debt help can be dauting and it can be difficult to know where to go for advice, but through our webchat service, our advisers can help answer any initial questions and direct you to free, regulated and impartial debt advice.

To speak to someone confidentially, access our webchat. We also have a range of resources for people going through the debt advice process including debt terms explained, help accessing your income and expenditure report, and benefits calculator.

Influencing policy 

We work to be a strong voice for consumers and people in debt in Scotland by identifying detriment and acting on it. By working closely with our members, we can identify causes of harm to consumers at an early stage. We also provide a strong and persuasive voice for the advice sector, ensuring that our members’ views are heard. 

Improving financial wellbeing 

We also work to help people improve their financial capability by delivering workshops to schools, colleges, and workplaces across Scotland. Find out more about our financial capability work.