5 July 2024

Money Advice Scotland would like to extend our congratulations to the Labour Party on their victory in the 2024 General Election and we welcome Keir Starmer as the new Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.


As the new government begins its lead, we urge for a renewed focus on financial wellbeing. The financial challenges and worries facing so many people across the UK must be addressed with urgency and compassion. Far too many people are struggling to cover their essential living expenses and are falling into debt while trying to maintain a basic and dignified standard of living.


These concerns were also expressed by our members at our recent hustings event. The challenges faced by the free money and debt advice sector are unprecedented, and our clients are grappling with hardships like never before. The sector is under immense pressure, striving to provide critical support to those facing financial challenges. It is crucial that the new UK government acknowledges and addresses these issues to ensure the sustainability and effectiveness of these vital services.


At Money Advice Scotland, we are committed to improving the financial wellbeing of all in the UK. We hope that under the new government, there will be significant efforts to ensure that financial wellbeing is a priority, providing a foundation for a fairer society.


We look forward to working with the new government to advocate for policies that will improve financial wellbeing, reduce inequality, and provide robust support for people experiencing financial challenges across the UK.