UK Savings Week

To mark UK Savings Week 2023, this blog sets out the different kinds of savings accounts available and includes some important things to consider when deciding which type of savings account is right for you. Read more

Adequate Incomes Jargon Buster (For Challenge Poverty Week 2023)

One of the themes for Challenge Poverty Week 2023 is adequate incomes. This blog post takes the form of a jargon buster to help you understand some of the key terms relating to the topic of income adequacy. Read more

National Payroll Week 2023

In this blog for National Payroll Week, our Financial Capability Officer, Alison, outlines the top 5 reasons why you should regularly check your payslip. Read more

Useful Financial Wellbeing Resources

During mental health awareness week, staff at MAS shared some of the organisations and online social media platforms they enjoy reading and following for financial wellbeing. In this blog we have compiled their top picks for you to read. Read more

What is a 100% Mortgage?

In this blog, we look at the recent news about 100% mortgages and unpack some common questions surrounding mortgages. Read more

Broadband Social Tariffs

In this blog, Rebecca, our Financial Capability Officer, explains what broadband social tariffs are and how to find out if you could be saving money through a different tariff. Read more

Money and Mental Health

We know that money worries undoubtedly take a toll on our overall wellbeing. In this blog we look at the links between mental health and our finances, as well as how we can get help or seek advice. Read more

Seasonal Spending and festive finances

As we prepare for black Friday and cyber Monday sales, we have put together a short blog on what to be aware of while shopping this festive season. Read more