Launching MAS Online Bank

We're delighted to launch MAS Online Bank, a new platform that provides a safe and realistic environment for users to practise online banking. Read about why there's a need for MAS Online Bank and how we worked with the Force for Good initiative to create it. Read more

How has Coronavirus impacted advisers' wellbeing?

Our new report as part of our adviser wellbeing project examines the impact of coronavirus on the wellbeing of advisers. This blog highlights the key issues we found. Read more

Wellbeing round-up

Following our Adviser Perspectives on a Workforce Strategy research, our new wellbeing project will undertake further research to address some of the findings. This blog outlines how advisers can help look after their wellbeing during the pandemic. Read more

Our new financial capability webinars

Our financial capability team has developed two new series of webinars to help promote financial wellbeing. Read more

Focusing on wellbeing

Recent months have highlighted the importance of looking after mental health and wellbeing, particularly in the workplace. People working in advice may be accustomed to dealing with clients in crisis, but the coronavirus situation brings unprecedented challenges to an already stressful and demanding role. This post launches our wellbeing focus campaign. Read more

Key findings from our new research

Over the past few months, we’ve been working on two new pieces of research for the money advice sector. In this blog, we discuss the key findings and some of the recommendations from our first piece, Capturing Experience of Debt Advice. Read more

Using Open Banking to Support the Advice Process

Can we alleviate some of the pressure on advisers by carrying out part of the early information gathering phases of client contact? Read more

Falkirk Council's Standards Support Journey

Through our Standards Support service, we guide organisations through a range of quality assurance standards, including the Scottish National Standards for Information and Advice Providers. Kenny Bowie, Senior Debt Advice Officer at Falkirk Council has written a blog on his experience of our Standards Support service. Read more

Financial Wellbeing in the Workplace

This Talk Money Talk Pensions week, we're discussing how employers can support their employees' financial wellbeing at work. Read more

Welcome to our new website

Learn about the features of our new website. Read more