As a membership organisation and voice of the money advice sector in Scotland, we actively seek the views and insights of those working in money advice to shape our campaign and policy work. We invite those working in money and debt advice to contribute to our Dignity First campaign. 

Frontline workers, in particular, will be familiar with how stigma can act as a deterrent to clients seeking help as well as how it can hinder the support extended to clients by agencies and creditors. 

We want to hear from money and debt advisers who have observed first-hand how stigmatising language has affected clients' willingness to access support as well as how it has impacted the journey for those who have engaged with money and debt advice.

Advisers' contributions are immensely valuable in shaping our efforts to promote more empathetic and supportive conversations around money and debt. 


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Together, we can make a meaningful impact on the way we approach, discuss and support financial challenges.