Become an integral part of the Dignity First campaign by making the Dignity First Commitment. By doing so, your organisation will become a key player in the movement to reshape public discourse surrounding financial challenges.

When you sign up, you will receive a Dignity First Commitment Pack which includes all of our guides, resources, and supporting materials to help your organisation practice and advocate the principles of the campaign. You will also receive the Dignity First pledge icon which you can add to your website, socials and other communications to showcase your participation and commitment in the campaign.

There are eight key commitments as part of your pledge for compassionate communication in money and debt:


We commit to inclusive language 

We pledge to use language that upholds the dignity of individuals facing financial challenges, avoiding any stigmatising terms.  


We commit to fostering empathy 

We will prioritise empathy in all our communications, recognising and understanding the diverse circumstances that lead to financial difficulties.  


We commit to adopting person-first language 

We will consistently use person-first language, recognising individuals before their financial situations, to promote understanding and reduce stigma.  


We commit to educating our team 

We will provide comprehensive training for our staff to ensure they understand the impact of language and can contribute to a more supportive environment.  


We commit to regularly reviewing policies and practices 

We will regularly review and refine internal policies and practices to ensure they align with principles of empathy, fairness, and inclusivity.  


We commit to encouraging positive narratives 

We will actively encourage positive and empowering narratives about financial challenges, contributing to a more compassionate and understanding society.  


We commit to challenging stigma 

We will actively challenge any stigmatising language or behaviour within our organisation and the wider industry.


We commit to supporting the Dignity First campaign 

We will actively support and promote the campaign to reshape conversations about money and debt.  


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Together, we champion respect and dignity for all.