Sources of support for workplace wellbeing: 

Support from MAS

Wellbeing training

Our Wellbeing Web Workshops are short training sessions which focus on finding tips and tools to address different aspects of workplace wellbeing. There are currently four courses available:

Adviser Wellbeing Workshop – covers stress management and resilience

Manager Wellbeing Workshop – discusses developing a well workplace culture

Protecting Your Wellbeing – offers tips on personal boundaries, self-care and mindfulness

Talking About Wellbeing – examines why and how to open conversations about your own wellbeing and that of others

Attending any of these courses gives you access to our Wellbeing Focus Sessions, a quarterly community group that allows advisers to discuss wellbeing and the factors affecting it in an informal setting.

A list of upcoming sessions for 2022 to early 2023 can be found here.

Elearning modules

MAS has developed a series of bite-sized e-learning modules to support advisers at specific difficult moments in their day. The modules are:

Feeling Overwhelmed

Following a difficult interview or meeting

Mindfulness Break


Our mentorship programme is relaunching and aims to connect advisers with differing levels of experience to help each of them with their professional development

Our work so far

The Adviser Wellbeing Project also includes research; you can see our work so far here.

For support with clients experiencing wellbeing issues

MATRICS online training includes training around mental health and debt advice

MATRICS Consultancy offers support, guidance and information on cases, including those involving clients with mental or physical health difficulties.  

There are a range of resources, including e-learning modules available from MAS to help clients with their financial wellbeing

Many of the other resources below are general enough that they may be of use to clients experiencing stress, anxiety or other issues affecting their wellbeing.

Check in with yourself

The NHS self-assessment quiz helps you to identify any issues you may currently be experiencing, and offers tips and resources in any areas where you report finding difficulties

The Stress Management Society also has a quiz to help you identify any areas where you may be experiencing stress in your home or working life, as well as a range of resources around understanding and managing stress

Workplace schemes

There are a range of schemes and initiatives available which aim to help destigmatize low mental health or wellbeing, and encourage talking about these topics in the workplace.

See Me Scotland

Time To Change Campaign

Mind Wellness Action Plan

Workplace wellbeing resources

You can find more specific guides on maintaining workplace wellbeing below.

SAMH guide on how to be mentally healthy at work

MIND resources on mental health at work

NHS tips on workplace stress

Finding support for stress and mental wellbeing

If you would like to talk to someone about how you are feeling, there are helplines available as well as service finders to help you locate appropriate support.

NHS mental health service finder

Support in Mind service finder

Samaritans helpline

Breathing Space helpline

Lifelink self-referring counselling service

Other useful helplines

Support for carers from Care Information Scotland

At a Loss (previously Cruse Bereavement Care Scotland) live chat  

Gamcare gambling support

Know the Score – Scotland’s national helpline (omni-channel) for substance misuse. Helps those struggling with substance misuse as well as people worried about/affected by someone else’s substance misuse. Although it appears very drugs oriented, they do include alcohol within their remit

One Parent Families Scotland

Children 1st Parentline

Women’s Aid - Scotland’s 24-hour Domestic Abuse and Forced Marriage Helpline

Victim Support Scotland