At Money Advice Scotland, we value the diverse contributions of our supporters who play a crucial role in advancing our mission of promoting financial wellbeing for the people of Scotland.


But what exactly does it mean to be a supporter of Money Advice Scotland?


A Supporter Defined

A supporter of Money Advice Scotland is someone who actively engages with our organisation and demonstrates a commitment to our cause of promoting financial dignity, empowerment, and wellbeing. Supporters come from all walks of life but share a common goal of making a positive impact in the financial landscape of Scotland.


Key Traits of a Supporter

  •  Advocate: A supporter is someone who advocates for fair treatment of individuals in debt and champions policies that promote financial equality and justice. They lend their voice to raise awareness about key financial issues and advocate for systemic change.

  • Engaged: A supporter actively participates in our campaigns, initiatives, and events. They contribute their time, energy, and resources to drive positive change and promote financial wellbeing for all. A supporter also shares their views and insight with us on various financial wellbeing and policy topics, so that we can use this evidence in our policy work to influence change. 

  • Community Builder: A supporter helps build a strong and supportive community of individuals who are passionate about promoting financial dignity and empowerment. They connect with others, share their experiences, and foster a sense of belonging and solidarity.

  • Educator and Learner: A supporter is both an educator and a learner, seeking to expand their knowledge and understanding of money and debt issues and best practices. They engage with resources and information provided by our organisation to empower themselves and others.

What's the Difference Between "A Member" and "A Supporter"?

At Money Advice Scotland, we value both our members and supporters for their contributions to our mission of promoting financial wellbeing for the people of Scotland. While both play important roles in our organisation, there are distinct differences between being a member and being a supporter:



Definition: A member of Money Advice Scotland is an individual that provides free money and debt advice services to the Scottish public.

Eligibility: To become a member, individuals must meet certain criteria, including offering free money and debt advice in Scotland.

Benefits: Members receive exclusive benefits such as access to training, resources, networking opportunities, and support from our organisation.



Definition: A supporter of Money Advice Scotland is an individual or organisation that wants to support the free advice sector but does not necessarily provide money and debt advice themselves.

Role: Supporters play a crucial role in advocating for fair treatment of people in debt, raising awareness about money and debt issues, and supporting our campaigns and initiatives.

Engagement: Supporters engage with our organisation by participating in campaigns, attending events, sharing resources, sharing insight, and amplifying our message through social media and other channels.


Both members and supporters are essential to our success in promoting financial wellbeing and dignity for all in Scotland. Whether you provide advice directly to clients or support our advocacy efforts from the sidelines, your contribution makes a difference in our collective efforts to create positive change.


Thank you for your support!

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