What is a supporter of Money Advice Scotland?

A supporter of Money Advice Scotland is an individual or organisation that wants to support the free advice sector and promote financial dignity and wellbeing for all in Scotland. Supporters engage with our organisation through advocacy, participation in campaigns, sharing resources, sharing your views and insight, and amplifying our message.

How can I become a supporter?

Becoming a supporter is free and easy! Sign Up Now.

What types of activities can I participate in as a supporter?

As a supporter, there are many ways to get involved, including

  • Sharing our social media content
  • Participating in our campaigns and events
  • Advocating for fair treatment of people in debt
  • Sharing your views and experiences with us

Do I need to provide financial support to be a supporter?

No, providing financial support is not a requirement to be a supporter of Money Advice Scotland. While donations are always appreciated, supporters contribute in many other valuable ways, such as sharing resources

Can I suggest ideas for campaigns or initiatives?

Absolutely! We welcome feedback and suggestions from our supporters. If you have ideas for campaigns, initiatives, or resources that you believe would benefit our community, please share them with us through our contact page or by reaching out to our team directly.