The Money Guiders community is at your fingertips. The Hub is where you'll find people who, like you, are looking to learn and are learning to help others.

The Money Guiders Community Hub is a dedicated online space which hosts a wealth of information and resources to help deliver good money guidance. Not only is it a place for learning, it provides the platform to connect with fellow members from all over Scotland and the rest of the UK.

Visit the Community Hub

What you'll find on the Hub

  • Space to start discussions, ask questions and seek insights drawing on the skills and experience of all in the community.

  • A library which hosts a wealth of digital resources from leaflets to presentations covering a range of money guidance related topics.

  • An events calendar to see what's coming up for the Scotland Network as well as what other events you can join from UK-wide Money Guiders community.

  • A Wiki section with useful links to Money Guiders resources, past event recordings, and a dedicated wellbeing section.

  • Curated news and updates relevant to money guidance and money-related topics.

  • Links to all of the Money Guiders tools and resources from the Money and Pensions Service.

Sharing and connecting

On the Community Hub you can share your work, invite people to attend events from your organisation and introduce campaigns you'd like others to see or get involved with. It's a vibrant communication channel at your disposal with plenty of room for networking and increasing awareness of the invaluable work you do to support customers and service users as a Money Guider.