The Money Guiders Scotland Network is a community with learning and development at its heart. It provides free opportunities and resources to help you deliver safe and effective money guidance to the people you work with.

The Network provides an annual programme of events facilitated by Money Advice Scotland and in partnership with the Money and Pensions Service.

More about the Network and its members

The Network brings money guidance practitioners together to learn and share best practice, connecting staff and volunteers from public, third and community sectors from areas of work like housing, welfare-rights, education, health and social care to name a few.

Our members hold a variety of roles at different levels, united by their passion of helping others achieve financial wellbeing. Our members are what make the Network such a meaningful learning programme; we learn together and from each other in a supportive and inclusive way.

Why join the Money Guiders Scotland Network?

·      You'll get access to free resources, events, and learning opportunities to support your professional growth and build your confidence in holding conversations about money.

·        You'll have opportunities to share, learn and connect with others from the third, public and community sectors in Scotland as well as the wider UK.

·        You'll have a dedicated space and community to ask questions, present ideas or share work to get insight and perspective from like-minded people - check out the Community Hub here.

·        You'll be kept informed with useful information and updates to help you in supporting others with their financial wellbeing.

How to join

Complete the Money and Pensions Service registration form using the button below. We look forward to welcoming you to the community.

Join the Network

More about the Money Guiders programme

Money Guiders is provided by the Money and Pensions Service. It is a programme which seeks to help money guidance practitioners improve their knowledge, skills and confidence.

Everything that the Money Guiders programme offers centres around the Money Guidance Competency Framework - it's there to help you better understand the full breadth and depth of money related issued that fall outside of the regulated financial and money advice sectors - the things you talk to customers and service users about.