We offer our money guidance sessions and workshops to various groups across Scotland. To book a session for a group, please get in touch if you are a teacher, lecturer, group leader, manager, or anyone else who is responsible for organising or facilitating sessions for schools, colleges, workplaces, or community groups. If you are a student, member of a community group, or an employee and are interested in taking part in a session, please ask whoever organises your class/group/workplace’s activities to get in touch with us.

Please read on to find out more and how to book a session.


If you’re an educator

We offer a range of financial education sessions for primary schools (P3-P7), secondary schools (S1-S6), and college and university students (any level).

These workshops are interactive, informative, and our primary and secondary school sessions are mapped to Curriculum for Excellence outcomes. Our college and university workshops can be booked as a standalone session, or as a block booking to cover a variety of topics.

To discuss booking a session for an education setting, please complete this short enquiry form and a member of the team will be in touch. If you’re a student and would be interested in a workshop, please ask your teacher/tutor/lecturer to get in touch.


Get in touch about school/college/university sessions


We also have various resources available for teachers to run as lessons. Click here to access the primary school materials and click here to access the secondary school materials.

 If you run a community group/organisation

We deliver money guidance sessions and workshops to community organisations, employability hubs, and any other organisation that works with groups of people. We provide sessions on a range of financial wellbeing topics.

Our online financial wellbeing workshops are free of charge, approximately one-hour hour long and can cover one of the following topics:

  • Budgeting and money management
  • Borrowing
  • Financial Planning (renting, mortgages and financing a car)
  • Work and Money
  • Cost-of-Living Crisis

Please get in touch with us and let us know if you would like to book a session for your group or find out more information. If you are looking to book, please let us know about any specific dates you have in mind and the size of your group. This will allow us to check our availability.


Additionally, we run monthly webinars that anyone can attend on different financial wellbeing topics.  Please see our events page for more details.

Get in touch about community group/other organisation sessions


If you’re an employer

Financial wellbeing is the least common area included in HR strategies, despite money worries affecting 47% of UK employees. Although around half of employers do have a financial wellbeing policy in place, only 11% are actively focusing on it as part of their overall HR and wellbeing strategy. Financial distress (a symptom of poor financial wellbeing) has important implications for both wider employee wellbeing and performance.

Our MoneyWorks programme offers employers an independent and impartial source of financial wellbeing support for staff. We can offer you:

  •  A robust source of financial wellbeing support. We will focus on personal finance in relation to overall wellbeing rather than just as a standalone topic.
  • A responsive and agile support service that can quickly deliver information and support in a changing environment.
  • The ability to become a supporter of Scotland’s money charity and our policy work.
  • Access to resources and support though our digital offering.

Our online workshops will cover a range of topics from:

  • Mortgage and buying a home
  • Credit and debts
  • Buying a car
  • Having a baby
  • Redundancy and struggling with finances (budgeting)
  • Energy savings and energy bills
  • Savings and financial goals
  • Retirement and pensions
  • Employment (how to read payslips and identified costs, budgeting).
  • An update on the cost-of-living crisis


Our standard workshops cost:

1-hour session = £199

2-hour session = £349


We also offer bespoke sessions as well as annual subscription packages.


To find out more, please get in touch.

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