MAS’ Mentorship scheme is designed to connect advisers with each other in a new way. In a sector where money advisers are often expected to wear multiple professional hats, or may be the only person offering money advice in their organisation, advisers can feel isolated and in need of support. The mentorship scheme puts more experienced advisers in touch with newer ones, to exchange ideas, information and help the professional development of both parties.

The benefits of mentorship

Mentorship benefits both the mentor and the mentee. Among other things, mentees gain the benefit of a supportive professional relationship outside a workplace dynamic, a new perspective on their work, and support developing hard and soft skills as an adviser. A mentor also gains from this relationship; they will also get a fresh perspective and a valuable new professional relationship, as well as the satisfaction of passing on their own experience and an opportunity to build leadership, coaching and communication skills.

Mentorship is not professional consultancy; contact the MATRICS helpline if you need specific support on a particular case, but a mentor can help your professional development and networking.

How MAS’ mentorship scheme works

To be a mentor, you should have at least three years’ experience as a money adviser and undertake regular CPD. To be a mentee, you need to be a member of MAS. It is possible to be both a mentor and a mentee. Once you have filled out the application form, you will be sent a welcome pack including, for mentors, joining information for a mentorship skills e-learning module, and your details will be entered into our database. You will then be matched with someone based on the details in your application form, primarily the areas of interest/development all applicants should provide. Once you have been matched you are introduced to each other and encouraged to set up your first meeting. A MAS staff member will get in touch periodically to check on how you are doing, and is available to answer any questions that may arise. 

While MAS acts primarily to introduce advisers to each other in a mentorship context, we also offer support throughout the mentorship by staying in touch with everyone in the scheme, and by hosting networking events for participants. Mentors are also given access to an elearning module for mentors to help them get started with confidence.

MAS wants to make it as easy as possible to gain the benefits of mentorship and allow advisers to connect with each other. You can apply to be a member here, which will make you eligible to be mentored and give you access to our Basecamp messaging board, and sign up for the mentorship scheme here.