A mentorship scheme designed for Scottish money advisers 

Our mentorship scheme aims to give both new and experienced advisers an opportunity to exchange ideas, share experiences, support each other, and build skills. The scheme is part of MASTrain, our learning and development programme for the money advice sector and is free to join.

We know the pressures and challenges that come with the role of a money adviser, and have designed the scheme as a way to encourage support and guidance between advisers.

What is mentorship?

Mentorship is a professional development activity with benefits for both the mentor and the mentee. By building an informal and supportive relationship between a more experienced individual and someone newer to the role, both parties can work towards professional goals with added support and guidance.

How does it work?

  • Register your interest in the scheme as a mentor or a mentee
  • We will match experienced and newer advisers within similar organisations
  • Decide with your mentor/mentee how often you want to be in touch. Mentorship is a flexible time investment but we recommend mentees meet/talk on phone with their mentors around once a month.
  • We will stay in touch to make sure both parties are benefitting from the scheme
  • We will provide support and answer any questions about the scheme

Benefits for mentees 

  • A supportive professional relationship with a unique dynamic
  • Helps develop problem solving, self-confidence and communication skills
  • Access to impartial advice and a different perspective
  • A valuable networking contact
  • Guidance on professional development and advancement
  • Access to exclusive mentorship events and resources

Benefits for mentors 

  • Develops professional relationships
  • Enhances leadership, interpersonal and coaching skills
  • Opportunity to put your experience to use and pass it onto someone new
  • Opportunity to gain fresh perspective from your mentee
  • Recognition from peers
  • Personal satisfaction
  • Exclusive discounts on MAS events and services
  • Access to exclusive mentorship events and resources

Who can join?

Any adviser who is also a Money Advice Scotland member can join the scheme as a mentee.

Mentorship is not just for new advisers. A mentor can be beneficial at any career stage; even experienced advisers may have areas of their professional life they would like to improve and this can be achieved with help from a mentor with expertise in those subjects.

Any adviser with three or more years’ experience and an up-to-date CPD record can be a  mentor.

For more information, contact Niamh Brown at [email protected]