These resources are designed for secondary Level primary school pupils.

Lesson Plan

The aim of this lesson is to discuss the cost of living and get pupils to think about how much families pay for essential such as rent/mortgage, utilities, clothing, and food. 

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Household Bills Activity 

This activity gets pupils to match the item to the average monthly bill. The answers can be found in the lesson plan. 

Download activity sheet

Jargon Buster Activity

This activity encourages pupils to think about various money terms they may have heard and write down what they think they mean. 

Download activity sheet (for pupils)

Download answer sheet (for teachers) 

Penny Saving Challenge

This shows how saving a small amount regularly can build up

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These quizzes are designed for teachers to use with their class

Download quiz 1 (for teachers)

Download quiz 2 (for teachers)

Spending Diary 

Printable booklet for pupils to write down what they spend each day

Download spending diary printable booklet


Download wordsearch