Thank you for expressing an interest in our workshops for schools.


The financial capability project at Money Advice Scotland is funded by the Scottish Government to deliver financial education/awareness workshops across Scotland. As such, we are required to monitor the quality of the materials and delivery – this is a requirement of our funding. Therefore, in booking the workshop, you are agreeing to provide feedback from teaching staff in each class. Each member of our team will supply a feedback form for the teacher to complete and return before the end of the period.


Please note our role is to deliver the materials, not manage the class, as we have not been trained in classroom management, nor do we know of the particular needs\requirements of the pupils within the classroom. Therefore, it is a requirement that the teacher remains in the class and takes part in the session, assisting the pupils with any additional needs they have. Please also note that we can only deliver to classes with a maximum of 33 pupils.


Our materials have been drafted in accordance with the experiences and outcomes set out by the Education Scotland benchmarks.