As part of our output for National Student Money week 2023 we have created a series of short videos on many of the titles covered during each webinar hosted throughout the week. As the series continues we have added additional topics that align with further resources on our website. 

Each video is designed to be short but packed with useful information. We know that time does not always allow us to be able to read through an entire webpage or blog, so with our Micro-guides, you will be able to understand some of the main tips and information from popular financial topics. 

If you would like to request a copy of these videos please complete the form linked below to and a member of our staff will be in touch with further details. 

Video Resouce Request Form

 Episode 1 - Buy Now Pay Later

MAS microguide - BNPL on Biteable.

Episode 2 - Money Management

MAS microguide - Energy Awareness (copy) on Biteable.

Episode 3 - Energy Awareness

MAS microguide - Energy Awareness on Biteable.

Episode 4 - Scams

MAS microguide - Scams on Biteable.

Episode 5 - Understanding Income Tax

MAS microguide - Income Tax on Biteable.

Episode 6 - Credit files

MAS microguide - Credit Files on Biteable.

Episode 7 - Bugeting

MAS microguide - Budgeting on Biteable.