DAS is a statutory scheme run by the Scottish Government to help debtors pay their debts by giving them more time to pay without the threat of court action from creditors. DAS freezes interest, fees and charges on the debt from the date when the DAS Debt Payment Programme (DPP) is approved and these will be written off if the debtor completes the programme.The scheme is delivered free by approved money advisers, by local council money advisers, by Citizens Advice Bureaux or by other Accountant in Bankruptcy approved money advisers.  The scheme protects a debtor’s assets, including the home (as long as the debtor can keep up the mortgage payments).

The Debt Arrangement Scheme changed on the 1st July 2011 and has allowed more advisers to deliver DAS to the public. Some advisers work in the private sector and will make a charge for the service, however; they will have to advise debtors that there is free advice also available. It will be then up to the debtor to make the choice of which agency they use.

Entry provisions have also changed and couples can have a joint DAS and debtors with single debts can now enter a DAS. There is also payment breaks available for debtors who may suffer a short sharp reduction in their income.

The DAS website  contains more detailed explanations and guidance for advisers, debtors and creditors.