Welcome to the Digital Delegate Pack for the Dignity First campaign event. This page contains essential resources and information to enhance your experience and participation in the event.


Access Dignity First Resources 


Click on the Dignity First Report cover to read the comprehensive report that led to the launch of the Dignity First campaign. Delve into the findings and insights gathered through our research on stigmatising language in financial discourse. Gain valuable insights into the impact of language on individuals facing financial challenges and discover recommendations for fostering empathy and understanding.


Click on the Dignity First Language Guide cover to access this resource designed to promote respectful and inclusive communication about money and debt. Learn how to use person-first language to humanize the conversation and counteract the dehumanizing effects of financial stigma. Equip yourself with the tools and guidance needed to communicate with empathy and compassion.



Explore the Dignity First campaign webpages 

Check out the landing page for the Dignity First campaign. Find additional resources and learn how you can get involved in promoting empathy and understanding in financial discourse.


Something to post about! 

You're welcome to use any of the images below to post on your social networks – save an image to use in your posts to show your support for the campaign along with your own thoughts on challenging financial stigma. Be sure to include #DignityFirst and tag us in it!


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Thank you for joining us in our efforts to challenge
financial stigma and foster empathy in discussions about money and debt.

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