Here you can read our older consultation and policy statement responses. 

FCA Debt Packagers Consultation response December 2021

FCA Protections for Consumers Coronavirus 

Scottish Government Fair Rents (Scotland) Bill response December 2020

FCA Woolard review Call for Input response December 2020

Bankruptcy and Debt Advice (Scotland) Review Consultation response February 2020

FCA Fair Treatment of Vulnerable Consumers response October 2019

FCA High-cost Credit Review: Overdrafts Consultation Paper and Policy Statement response March 2019

FCA Rent to Own and Alternatives to High-cost Credit response January 2019

Peter Wyman's Independent Review of Debt Advice April 2018

Money Advice Service Business Plan response February 2018

Banking Standards Board What do Good Banking Outcomes Look Like to Consumers response January 2018

HM Treasury Breathing Space response January 2018

Economy, Jobs and Fair Work Committee Financial Guidance and Claims Bill LCM response January 2018

Independent Review of the Funding of Debt Advice in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland response December 2017

Future of the Common Financial Tool Consultation 2017

FCA Access to Insurance response September 2017

A Strategic Approach to Debt Advice Commissioning 2018-2023 response August 2017

DAS Review Consultation interim response August 2017

Credit Card Market Study: Consultation on Persistent Debt and Earlier Intervention Remedies response July 2017

FCA Call for Input on High-cost Credit and Review of the High-cost Short-term Credit Price Cap response February 2017

HM Treasury Public Financial Guidance Review: Consultation on a Single Body response February 2017

FCA Future Mission response January 2017

Accountant in Bankruptcy Diligence Review response November 2016

Scottish Government Consultation on Social Security in Scotland response October 2016

Scottish Government Consultation on Scottish Court Fees response October 2016

HM Treasury Help to Save: Consultation on Implementation response July 2016

HM Treasury Public Financial Guidance Review response June 2016

Debt Arrangement Scheme (DAS) Review response May 2016

Accountant in Bankruptcy Protected Trust Deed response April 2016

Ofgen Proposals to Improve Outcomes for prepayment customers response February 2016

Scottish Civil Justice Council Consultation on the Draft Simple Procedure Rules response March 2016

The Money Advice Service Business Plan Consultation 2016/17 response February 2016

APPG on Financial Education for Young People response January 2016

HM Treasury Public Financial Guidance response December 2015

Bankruptcy (Scotland) Bill additional written evidence December 2015

Bankruptcy (Scotland) Bill response December 2015

Low Pay Commission Consultation on the National Living Wage response October 2015

Scottish Affairs Committee response October 2015