At Money Advice Scotland, our purpose has always been to stand up for people in debt and support the sector. Our 2018-2023 strategy set out how we would achieve this across four main areas of work, but when the pandemic hit, it became clear that there were new challenges that needed to be addressed. Increased inequality is just one of the effects of covid-19, and we had to start thinking about our work in a way that addresses the consequences of the pandemic as well as the issues that already existed.  


The last 18 months have shown that change is possible – we’ve seen protective measures put in place for people in debt on a scale like never before, and so we know there is scope to make positive change happen. Therefore, our plan sets out a new approach at a time when our purpose has never been more important.  

The plan sets out the issues that we exist to tackle – both pre and post covid. We get there by: 

1. Supporting advisers 

Helping people with problem debt is complex and demanding. Money advice has a huge impact on people’s lives, but we recognise that this can only happen when advisers are given the training and support they need and when their wellbeing is considered a priority. Our plan puts these issues in focus.  


2. Improving financial wellbeing 

We know how difficult it can be to reach out for help with problem debt, and that it’s common to endure significant hardship before doing so. We want to ensure that people know how to get help and support whether they’re experiencing problem debt, looking for some money guidance, or want to get involved in our financial wellbeing work.  


3. Influencing fairer policy 

Our plan discusses how we can use our position in the sector to influence fairer policy for people in debt. We know that debt can happen to anyone, and so everyone benefits from  fair and progressive policy. By listening to and engaging with advisers, our plan sets out how we use our voice to help achieve better outcomes for those experiencing debt as well as cutting through the stigma that continues to exist around debt.  


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