This National Numeracy Day, we wanted to share a little bit of insight into the financial wellbeing sessions we are able to provide for those in school, college or university. Developing numeracy skills using real financial scenarios can help equip children and young people with important tools for their future as well as normalising conversations about money.  

Managing and discussing finances can sometimes be seen as a skill to gain as an adult or once you are earning an income. However, our November 2021 research 'Money Guidance: A User-centred Approach' highlighted that 70% of young people felt they would benefit from further financial education (Money Advice Scotland, 2021)*. 

Numeracy skills, naturally, have an impact on how confident we are managing our finances and money. 

At Money Advice Scotland, our Financial Capability Team work with schools across Scotland to help students learn about money management. These skills can be essential in helping build financial resilience for later in life. The sessions also help to highlight how transferable numeracy skills are in helping with our financial futures. Feedback from our sessions within primary schools also underlined how pupils were keen to continue discussions and conversations about money after the lessons had finished.  

"They really wanted to keep talking about the questions and issues raised. Honestly, they just kept talking!" 

By encouraging early conversations about finances, we hope to help alleviate misconceptions and stigma that pupils could experience when discussing money and debt later in life. Our interactive sessions and workshops are also structured to incorporate the Curriculum for Excellence outcomes, as well as helping pupils to develop their numeracy skills with topics they can relate to the world outside the classroom.  

"The pupils loved the sessions, especially as they were relatable to their own lives and they could see the importance of this learning for their futures." 

"The children really enjoyed the workshops, with lots expressing that it was great to learn about 'adult' things and where money originated/different currencies around the world." 

At Money Advice Scotland we aim to improve financial wellbeing for the people of Scotland. If you feel that your school, college or university would benefit from a financial education session then please do not hesitate to complete an enquiry form or contact our financial wellbeing team via email – [email protected]  


*Money Advice Scotland, Nov 2021. MONEY GUIDANCE: A USER-CENTRED APPROACH. p.9. Available here. ‘70% of young people agreed that they would benefit from learning more about managing money.’