13 December 2023

As the autumn leaves gracefully surrendered to the crisp November breeze, my role as a Policy Officer at Money Advice Scotland took on a bustling rhythm, marked by meaningful initiatives and exciting developments. Let's dive into the highlights of my November journey!

Webinar success

Early in the month, we hosted a webinar for our members, delving into the potential transition from the Common Financial Statement to the Standard Financial Statement. The engagement and insightful discussions reaffirmed the collaborative spirit within our community. We’ll be sharing the outcome of this webinar and discussion in the near future. 

Consultation chronicles

November saw me deeply immersed in our response to four impactful consultations. From the Department for Work and Pensions, the consultation on "Child Maintenance: Accelerating Enforcement" demanded careful consideration, emphasising our commitment to ensuring robust policies that safeguard financial wellbeing.

I’ve also been working on a consultation on the statutory levy on gambling operators from the Department for Culture, Media, and Sport. We’re using this response to reinforce our dedication to advocating for fair and responsible practices from gambling operators.

I’ve also been working on consultations from the Scottish Government on "Mental Health Moratorium" and "Pension Age Winter Heating Payment". I encourage our members to share their insights. Your perspectives shape our responses, amplifying your voice in these crucial discussions. Please email us at [email protected] with any feedback you’d like us to include in our responses to these consultations.

Language Guide and Media Toolkit

A significant part of November was devoted to finalising a language guide and media toolkit. This initiative holds immense importance as it aims to reshape narratives around money and debt issues. Tackling stigmatising language, we aspire to foster conversations that empower and uplift. Keep an eye out for the launch in the new year!

A personal note

On a more personal note, the month brought an adorable addition to my life: Dash, a Golden Retriever puppy who has brought boundless joy and warmth. Amid policy discussions and consultations, Dash's playful antics have provided a delightful balance, a reminder of the simple joys that make each day brighter.

Looking ahead

I am excited about the momentum we've built and the positive changes on the horizon. The forthcoming launch of our language guide and media toolkit is just one of the many strides we're taking to create a more compassionate and understanding space.

As we step into December, I invite our members to continue being the driving force behind our advocacy. Your insights, suggestions, and active participation shape the impactful work we do at Money Advice Scotland.

Here's to a fruitful November, a promising December, and the collective journey toward a more informed, supportive, and inclusive financial landscape. Stay engaged, stay informed, and let's make a difference together.