We understand that our Membership service may not be suitable to everyone, which is why we have also created our Supporter subscription.

Why become a Supporter?

At Money Advice Scotland, we have several aims. These range from helping people in debt, supporting the money advice sector, influencing policy and being the driving force for financial wellbeing for the people of Scotland.

Money and financial wellbeing can impact anyone and we aim to include and help as many people we can with our work. We currently have a membership system that is prioritized for those who are already in the sector. However, we want to ensure we are inclusive as possible so have created our supporter programme for those who may not suit a membership but still want to get involved with the work we do.

There are several opportunities for supporters to be involved and stay informed with what we do at MAS. This includes things such as

  • Supporting us on campaigns and upcoming policy work.
  • Involvement in research. This can be from taking part in surveys and focus groups to simply sharing when we have research opportunities.
  • Sharing feedback or personal experiences with us to help guide and inform our policy work and the resources we provide.

You may want to become a supporter to improve your own financial wellbeing and capability too, as we will be able to give you direct updates on relevant news and the resources we can provide.

Our Supporter subscription is free of charge and you only need an email to register.

Who can be a Supporter?

Our Supporter subscription is open to everyone and we would be delighted for you to join. You do not need to have any prior knowledge of the money advice or financial sector in order to sign up. As a supporter, we hope you will be able to share experiences, help to shape our work and advocate for change, as well as provide a voice for the people of Scotland.

If you work in the Money advice sector or a relevant area of a third sector organisation, our membership may suitable for you. You can read about who our membership is aimed at here.  

Register to become a supporter here