Policy influence 

A key pillar of our strategy is to influence social policy. We recognise that frontline advice agencies seldom have the capacity to respond to consultations, or campaign on the issues that matter to advisers and clients.

Our work aims to ensure that the voice of our members features persuasively on the policy agenda – we do that through surveys, consultation events and our Evidence Base.

As a membership organisation, we believe it is imperative that we are a strong and effective voice for the advice sector in Scotland.

Consultation and information events 

We hold regular events for our members that attract speakers from influential stakeholder organisations such as the FCA, Scottish Government, and the AiB. The intelligence garnered at these events helps form the basis of our policy work, but it also provides valuable CPD and updates for members.

We have committed to holding at least four members only events in any calendar year.

New training and resources 

Our new strategy committed to developing new training and resources for the advice sector.

We have listened to our members feedback on training needs and are delivering new content in 2019/20. This content is accessible at discounted rates for our members.

MAS conference 

In recent years, members have been able to access a full two-day residential conference at significantly subsidised rates.The conference is recognised as the premier event on the advice calendar in Scotland.

New regional groups

In 2019/20, we are looking to set up new regional support groups for money advisers. This is in recognition of the growing number of advisers who work alone or in small groups with no or little access to experienced colleagues.

The groups will highlight emerging issues as well as sharing good practice and tactics for dealing with difficult cases.