Facilitation of Training Courses

Do you have an idea for a training course but feel you lack the resources or experience to do so?

Money Advice Scotland can facilitate/administer your course(s).  We can relieve you of the pressure of arranging venue hire and all the administration, and let you concentrate on the important part, the delivery of your course.

We can:

  • Book your venues anywhere in Scotland using our network
  • Market your course
  • Process the application forms
  • Administer the course on the day
  • Arrange/Faciliate catering arrangements
  • Produce and print the materials for your course
  • Arrange IT (Laptop, Projector, Flipcharts etc)
  • Administer the evaluation process of your course

For more information, contact us at: info@moneyadvicescotland.org.uk


Consumer Focus Scotland

Over the last few months, Consumer Focus Scotland has been running Energy Best Deal Scotland, with the overall aim of reducing energy bills, especially for those in fuel poverty. A critical part of the project has been work to help build the capacity of frontline money advisers and advisers based in Bureaux, Local Authorities, Housing Associations and NGO's from all over Scotland so that they are better able to help vulnerable and disadvantaged clients reduce energy costs.

Given their work on other programmes and wide range of contacts, MAS was the natural choice to help us turn the training programme into reality. The staff at MAS were great throughout the whole process – they helped us plan where and when best to deliver training across Scotland, arranged venues, promoted the events, administered the bookings, and dealt with advisers questions about travel or refunding expenses. That meant our team could concentrate on the content, and make sure that the training met advisers needs.

Feedback from advisers has been very good indeed, and we’re planning to run more events, using the same approach, in autumn 2011. I’d recommend this approach to anyone looking to engage with the adviser community.

Andrew Faulk
Senior Policy Advocate
Consumer Focus Scotland

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