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Having quality standards in place within your organisation means that you know that your customers/clients are consistently receiving the right service/advice at the right time according to their circumstances, regardless of which member of staff they see in which of your locations or outreaches.

Funding for advice providers tends to come from the public purse. As such, it is crucial that agencies can highlight their operation as one which can manage its finances well, whilst delivering high quality advice both effectively and efficiently.  Any investor will feel reassurance from an organisation that displays a quality mark; they can see that it operates to defined benchmarks and they will know that their money is being invested in an agency that is professionally managed and gives their clients a defined standard of care and respect.

Most quality assurance frameworks tend to focus on customers or clients of a service, so it is easy to see that they will be the primary beneficiaries of this work.  However, working to a recognised framework can have immeasurable benefits to both the managers and staff of organisations which means that over time your organisation will be more proficient and effective, produce improved outcomes and potentially save money.

Unfortunately, in today’s economic climate, resources are under increasing pressure and managers frequently feel that they are taking on more administrative tasks in order to preserve the availability of front-line delivery, which means they may feel that they will struggle to devote time towards preparing for an accreditation.  Additionally, when managers are responsible for the delivery of a service, it is sometimes difficult for them to take a step back and appraise the service with an objective eye, which is important when preparing for audit or review.

Money Advice Scotland can provide personalised support, assistance, guidance and independent review to organisations who are seeking to work towards any type of quality standard.  We have experts who can, for example;

  • Write policies and procedures for your organisation
  • Review your existing organisational policies and procedures to assess whether their content is robust enough and relevant to the standard you are applying for
  • Carry out a site visit to assess whether your organisational staff are aware of and applying the policies and procedures in practice
  • Assist in the preparation of applications for accreditation
  • Provide bespoke or public training which is designed to help prepare you for accreditation

The above list is indicative of just some of the services we can offer.  We will meet with you first to discuss your aims, objectives and needs, then we will mutually agree what services best match your requirements and build a support programme from there.  It can be as light-touch or as involved as you want it to be.

For a free, confidential and no-obligation discussion or meeting, please do not hesitate to contact:

Leah Cameron

Quality Assurance Consultant

Tel:  0141 572 0043



Alternatively, you can complete an enquiry form here.  By completing this form you can give us some information about your organisation and your requirements in advance.  We will contact you once we receive this information to discuss in more detail.

Updated: October 2019

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