The launch of the next level of training in the new MATRICS learn programme for debt advisers in Scotland will begin this month.

The roll out of level 3 training to become a full, professional debt adviser dealing with all informal and statutory options will commence with 8 e-learning modules that cover court procedures, insolvency, DAS and diligence on debt recovery. Level 3 of MATRICS learn is fully aligned with the Scottish National Standards for Information and Advice Providers (SNSIAP) type 2.

We are not delivering any face-to-face (remote) training in December but we’re working hard to produce face-to-face learning to cover and back-up the e-learning element of the level 3 topics mentioned. We’ll also be continuing to develop and deploy e-learning modules that cover mental health, debt options, eviction, mortgage debts, consumer credit and prescription and limitation.
We aim to have all of levels 1, 2 and 3 completed, online and ready for debt advisers to work through by end of January 2022.

What has the response been to earlier training on MATRICS learn?

MATRICS learn has been open from 30 June 2021 to give access to levels 1 and 2. In the months since launch, 182 advisers from 66 different agencies have accessed 23 courses in MATRICS learn, with these courses being opened over 1,000 times so far.
Our interactive, face to face courses delivered via adobe connect have become very popular for that crucial link to peers, practical application and confidence building. A total of 131 advisers have attended 14 of these sessions so far and the MATRICS team have run these courses up to 3 times per week to meet demand. Advisers have given the courses an average satisfaction rate score of 92% and feedback has been extremely encouraging:
“Enjoy the interaction, and picking up tips and best practice from other advisers”
“Interactive element very good, makes you feel involved”
“very engaging, I like the breakout teams and the interactive learnings”
“Short training sessions are great and not information overload”
“I really enjoyed the activities such as the whiteboards and the connect 4 game”

What’s the background on the development of the new MATRICS learn programme?

The MATRICS team is a partnership between Citizens Advice Scotland and Money Advice Scotland. The MATRICS learn programme was developed as a blended learning platform to update learning approaches and allow advisers to progress their training more fully in line with the Scottish National Standards for Information and Advice Providers (SNSIAP).
The MATRICS team had to quickly upskill to build the training from new. They’ve had to deal with technical challenges and adapt to the constantly changing debt advice environment due to Covid 19 related legislation updates.
Due to the recent demand for more debt advisers in the sector, the team has focused on development work for more inexperienced advisers first to allow them to start building their skills, working with clients under supervision and to get a basic understanding of the debt advice process prior to learning more complex tasks.

The importance of your feedback 

We will soon start reviewing e-learning and face to face courses based on your feedback.
We would like to hear if you think there’s anything missing from the courses in levels 1, 2 and 3 and please let us know what you would like to see delivered for level 4 CPD. We will use this information to conduct a review of the first 3 levels and then start to build level 4 content. Please email any suggestions to [email protected]

Register for MATRICS learn

Register now to gain access to MATRICS, as it may take a few days for your details to be checked and validated.

To register, visit MATRICS learn. You’ll be guided through the set-up process after you click on 'Create new account'. It is preferable that you use a valid work email address to sign up. Gmail and Hotmail accounts etc, can be accepted once verified by a known contact at your organisation. There is an opportunity to request your Wiseradviser training record is transferred to MATRICS learn as part of the registration form. When you register you will have access to all areas of the developing programme.