Welcome to our Money Play games. These were developed alongside RBS and are designed to be fun and also educational as they should make you think about how and where you spend your money. So take the challenge and create your own money journey through Scotland.


If you are having problems playing the games please you can try and re-load the webpage or see if they work better in another browser on your device. If you would like to play the games in full screen, then you can access the games here.



We hope that you enjoyed the games. It is not easy managing our budgets when there are so many different costs to factor in. Money Advice Scotland and its Financial Capability team is dedicated to helping people manage their money in the best way possible and ensuring that they get what they deserve. The e-learning modules that have been created by ourselves will help you identify ways to budget, save and prepare for life’s big events such as Starting a Home or Having a Baby.


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