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Conditions of Membership

If applying to become a full member of Money Advice Scotland (MAS), you are required to adhere to our Statement of Good Practice. Full members must hold authorisation from the Financial Conduct Authority, unless otherwise exempt from the provision of the Consumer Credit Act 1974.

Further to the AGM held on 20th January 2005, MAS has adopted the MATRICS Code of Practice and all full members are required to adhere to this code. It should be noted that members will, where possible, provide information relating to issues connected with money advice/financial matters, e.g. default and bank charges, which will allow MAS to form a view and where necessary bring the matters to the attention of the credit sector, banking industries, government and interested parties.

If applying to become an associate member of MAS, you are required to declare your support for the aims and objectives of the organisation.

Please advise how many staff within your organisation (paid and unpaid) are involved in the provision of money advice and what is the total number of hours per week worked by paid and unpaid staff?

This section is only applicable if applying for a group membership category.

All applicants must complete the following:

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