Money Advice Scotland presents Manifesto 2016


Money Advice Scotland is delighted to publish its very first manifesto ahead of the 2016 Scottish Parliament elections in May.

Our manifesto was drafted following a survey of our membership of money advisers which highlighted the key concerns of those working in the sector.

The manifesto sets out a series of asks of the next Scottish Government in a number of policy areas including funding, financial capability, debt and financial inclusion.

Commenting on the publication, Yvonne MacDermid OBE, Chief Executive, said:

“Our manifesto sets out how Money Advice Scotland and its members believe that the next Scottish Government could best use its remit to improve the financial wellbeing of the people of Scotland.

“All too often, discussion of financial wellbeing and debt is missing from the debate on tackling inequality.

“Only this week, research from the Office for National Statistics has indicated that people on the lowest incomes had debts far larger relative to their income than those in any other income band.

“The same research also revealed that half of 16 to 24 year olds reported debts totalling 40% or more of their annual income young people. This underlines the need to embed financial capability from an early stage to help ensure that young people have the best chance possible of making the right decisions about their money throughout their lives.

“In the remaining few weeks of the campaign and across the course of the next parliament, we urge all political parties to recognise the impact of debt and financial exclusion on some of the most vulnerable members of our society.”


The Money Advice Scotland Manifesto for 2016 calls for four main policy priorities:

1.We call on the next Scottish Government to make long-term core funding for debt advice a priority in the next Parliament.

2.We call on the next Scottish Government to embed the delivery of financial education by third sector groups in the Curriculum for Excellence.

3.We urge the next Scottish Government to work to find a better balance between the interests of creditors and the impact on debtors.

4.We urge the next Scottish Government to put financial inclusion at the heart of its attempts to address poverty and inequality.





ONS, Household debt inequalities, April 2016


Read our Manifesto 2016 here

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