MAS takes Money Goals to South Lanarkshire College

During the first ever Financial Capability Week (14 – 20 November 2016), Money Advice Scotland was delighted to take its Scottish Government funded Money Goals workshops to South Lanarkshire College.

Financial capability is defined as improving people's ability to manage money well, both day to day and through significant life events, and their capacity to cope with financial difficulty.

Money Goals is a series of workshops that has been designed to help participants improve money management and also to empower the individual to take control of their own finances.

By assessing their own spending habits, individuals are better equipped to see where they can apply changes and have a better chance of making the changes work for them.

Money Goals is a bespoke programme –  each attendee chooses the specific areas where they want to facilitate change.

Money Advice Scotland will provide support in completing this during the final workshop – this includes undertaking a credit check, setting up online banking, or looking at ways to save money through a price comparison site.

To ensure long-term change in financial behaviour, the team at Money Advice Scotland will also contact Money Goals workshop attendees three months after the workshop to ascertain if any further support is required.

Following the series of workshops, Yvonne MacDermid, Chief Executive at Money Advice Scotland, said:

“Taking control of our finances is all the more important following the projection of rising living costs in the years ahead.

“For families on low incomes, the forecast of rising inflation threatens to stretch household budgets to breaking-point.

“More and more people are already presenting to money advice agencies with debts that are not the result of reckless spending. Instead, people are borrowing to meet the cost of living.

“In this context, it is imperative that people have the knowledge and skills necessary to manage money well and mitigate the likelihood of financial difficulty further down the line.”



Money Advice Scotland is Scotland’s Money Charity.

Our financial capability project is funded by the Scottish Government as part of Scotland’s Financial Health Service.

As well as the Money Goals workshops, attendees are also given access to Money Advice Scotland’s e-Learning module.

The e-Learning module consists of eight modules covering budgeting and financial planning, to setting up home and having a baby.

Anyone can access the modules by visiting Money Advice Scotland’s website at

If you have any further questions about our financial capability project, please contact 0141 572 0165.

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