Our Mission:

To be the driving force towards financial wellbeing for the people of Scotland

About Us

Money Advice Scotland (MAS) is the national umbrella organisation which promotes the development of free, independent, impartial, confidential money (debt) advice and financial inclusion. The organisation is a registered charity, with clear charitable objectives.

Established in 1989, by a grant by the then Scottish Consumer Council, now Consumer Focus Scotland, this laid down the foundation for an organisation which is well known in Scotland, and beyond.

Today MAS serves a membership of around 150 members covering organisations and individuals drawn from local authorities, CABx, and other voluntary projects, who all provide money advice. Other members who are supportive of our objectives include Insolvency Practitioners, creditor and debt collection organisations.

The organisation is governed by a Council of Management (COM) which is elected on an annual basis at the AGM.


The MAS team are:

  • Chief Executive - Yvonne MacDermid OBE
  • Deputy Chief Executive - David Hilferty
  • Head of Operations & Finance - Karen Dawson
  • Head of Events - Michael Donnelly
  • Events Officer - Ellen Shaw
  • Events Officer - Alison Davidson
  • Money Advice Consultant - Angie Harron
  • Trainer / Consultant - Ken McEwan
  • Policy and Communications Officer - Abbey Fleming
  • Quality Assurance Consultant - Leah Cameron
  • Learning and Development Consultant - Niamh Brown
  • Financial Capability Manager - Marlena McFarlane
  • Financial Capability Officer - Lisa Cope
  • Financial Capability Officer - Stacey Muir
  • Financial Capability Officer - Jenny Pittams
  • Helpline Manager - Heather O'Rourke
  • Helpline Adviser - Smriti Apurva
  • Helpline Adviser - Stephen Murphy

We are also supported by a number of Associates, who are involved in delivering training and qualifications.

Council of Management Office Bearers and Members

  • Convenor - Victoria Devoy
  • Vice Convenor - Mike Holmyard
  • Treasurer - Christine Sinclair


  • Tom Adams
  • Pauline Allan
  • Kelly Gallagher
  • Joe Glancy
  • Anna Hamilton
  • Caroline Keir
  • Mark Law - co-opted January 2019
  • Thomas Lynas - co-opted January 2019
  • June Menzies
  • Ged Mulvey - co-opted February 2019
  • Rona Rodger


  • Darryl Matthews
  • Craig Simmons
  • Lee Usher
  • Jamie Black


Money Advice Scotland currently receives funding from Scottish Government and the Money Advice Trust to provide training and consultancy services, both of which are aimed at improving both the quality and the quantity of money advice available across Scotland. These services are free of charge to the sector which provides debt advice to the public and does not charge a fee. 

Other contributions come from parts of the credit industry – see our latest Impact Report for details. We also generate income through other activities including our Annual Conference & Exhibition, Seminars, and other services. These surpluses are ploughed back into the organisation to provide future services.


Money Advice Scotland has become well known for its role in accreditation. In addition we provide Scottish Vocational Qualifications in Advice and Guidance at Levels 3 and 4. These qualifications cover the range of knowledge a money adviser requires when dealing with clients, and provides quality assurance, for the clients and the organisation. We have now launched a new qualification, in partnership with the Institute of Money Advisers & Staffordshire University, namely, the Certificate in Money Advice Practice.

We are a Charity

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