What are Financial Wellbeing webinars?

Our new Financial Wellbeing webinars are available to any member of the public. The aim of these sessions is to increase people’s confidence, improve their money management, and enhance their ability to take control of their finances, as well as provide important updates on policy changes related to the current Covid-19 situation and the support available. 

Topic: An introduction to credit 

What happens when we borrow money? What factors should we consider? In this webinar we will explore the topic of credit. We will be looking at the different types of credit along with the costs associated borrowing. We will also discuss techniques for repaying and managing your credit.

Who should attend this webinar?

Our Financial Wellbeing webinars are open to any member of the public. 

How to book

To attend this session, simply use the Zoom details below at the specified time and date. You can also click 'add to calendar' above to save these details in your online calendar.

Zoom webinar link:

Webinar link: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/81521163749?pwd=eG9teW1kdlZQV2F6akdyZUJZUDJBQT09

Passcode: 465205