On this page you will find information from keynote speeches and workshops from our Annual Conference & Exhibition 2017, Financial Fitness - how fit are the nation's personal finances?

Please note that the presentations cannot be reproduced as per copyright held by the author(s) of each presentation listed below.

Keynote speakers and workshop presentations

Day 1

Keynote Speakers
    Stephen Blackman, Royal Bank of Scotland - Download presentation
    Elaine Kempson CBE, University of Bristol -  Download presentation

    Banking Standards Board (Martin Coppack) - Download presentation  
    Money Advice Liaison Group, (NIck Lord and Liz Barclay) - Download presentation


Day 2

Keynote Speakers
    Craig Simmons, the Money Advice Serice - Download presentation 
    Graeme Perry, Accountant in Bankruptcy - Download presntation
    Dr Jim McCormick, Joseph Rowntree Foundation - Download presentation

    Pioneer Credit Union (Beth Welsh) - Download presentation
    Stepchange Debt Charity (Sharon Bell) - Download presentation
    Trading Standards Scotland (Laura Jamieson - Download presentation

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