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Money Advice Scotland is delighted to present its 28th Annual Conference & Exhibition, hosted at Crieff Hydro Hotel, Perthshire ~ Thursday 22nd & Friday 23rd June 2017

Our well-established Annual Conference and Exhibition returns to the beautiful surroundings of Crieff Hydro as we aim to deliver another stacked and stimulating programme for you.

This year, we are delighted to bring you keynote addresses from Professor Elaine Kempson, Emeritus Professor at the University of Bristol and Stephen Blackman, Principal Economist, Royal Bank of Scotland with several names still to be added to the bill. In addition, our range of workshops, panel sessions and exhibitions will ensure you get the chance to engage directly on the issues that matter most across the sector. Topics we are likely to cover include household incomes and calculating a minimum income standard, the Standard Financial Statement (SFS), Pioneering credit unions, amongst others.

Our theme this year is in acknowledgement of the JAMs – the just about managing households identified as requiring special attention to protect their financial resilience. In our sector, however, we are just as likely to encounter the not-at-all managing households who have already reached the point of crisis. The number of households living below an acceptable living standard has increased in recent years and this may still be exacerbated as a cocktail of factors threatens the financial fitness of consumers across Scotland who may already be running on empty.

The plummeting pound means higher food costs and higher energy bills for everyone, but the poorest will pay the heaviest price. More and more people are already presenting to money advisers with debts that are not the result of reckless spending, but instead are directly linked to the cost of living. For families on low incomes, the prospect of rising inflation alongside stagnating wages and the falling real value of benefits threatens to stretch household budgets to breaking-point.

Against this backdrop, consumer borrowing continues to escalate to pre-financial crisis levels whilst funding for advice services is often under strain. How can we ensure that consumers can continue to access the products and services that will build up their financial resilience? What more can be done to take the weight off the JAMs? And is it possible to make gains in consumers’ financial fitness in this context? These questions and more will be up for debate as we seek to bring together the key players involved in matters of financial capability and debt to assess the potential dangers facing consumers and creditors alike, discuss solutions and share cross-sector knowledge.

Since last year’s conference, Money Advice Scotland has enjoyed another successful year as we continue in our mission to be the driving force towards financial wellbeing for the people of Scotland. Our projects continue to go from strength to strength. Conference offers you the chance to learn more about our current focus, but also provides the unparalleled opportunity to network with the sector’s key organisations and stakeholders.

As ever, Conference will also focus on the most topical subjects across the wider sector of credit and debt. The past year was one of dramatic change both within and out with the sector. With a programme this packed, we will certainly not lack for discussion points on how we can help get consumers’ finances into shape.

We look forward to welcoming friends old and new to Conference for the event that you help to make unmissable.


Thank you in advance for your support.

The Conference Gala Dinner 

In a break with tradition, the Gala event this year will not be themed. Dress code: Formal.


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Disclaimer: Money Advice Scotland reserves the right to make changes to Keynote Speakers and programme content as necessary.

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